Well, it's a LONG story, but when Lenny and I were vacationing in Rochester, NY, at one point we found that we would be just too close to NYC not to plan VERY impromptu Helaine Get-Together there!  I say "we" planned it, but if it weren't for HWitt and HssDepp, our meeting would never have happened.  Helaine and Helaine, thanks so much for all your effort in making our Helaine get together possible!

Lenny and I took a train from Highland Falls, NY (near West Point) for an hour ride to NYC's Grand Central Station.  Getting the train was another story, but we arrived at the station to find the hugest mall type place we've been in.  

Now, how are we going to find 4 Helaines, 3 of whom we've never met, and 1 we've never even seen a picture of?  Well, first we found the restaurant and figured we'll just sit and wait and watch . . . But as soon as we got there, someone jumped up and said "Hi Helaine!"  It was HHarris526!  Soon we were talking with Auntsweety, Fraser and, finally HWitt.  It was wonderful seeing Witt again!  (She spent a weekend in LA a couple of years ago.)  And it was great meeting the other Helaines.  It's weird how easy it is to talk to people who we've never met in person or even spoke to on the phone.

The dinner was great and after talking and talking and talking, three Helaines said we must see 42nd Street.  (Fraser had to leave a little earlier.  Auntsweety was a nervous wreck thinking Fraser would miss her train!  hahaha)  

Well, I've been to NYC, but not for a long long time, and I don't remember seeing 42nd Street or Times Square at night.  It was really something to see.  I don't believe I've ever seen such large beautiful electronic billboards in my life, not in Vegas and not in Piccadilly Circus, London.  (I took a bunch of pictures if anyone would like to get an idea of what I saw.)

Although we didn't have a long enough visit, Lenny and I were thrilled to have been able to meet the Helaines and to finally see Witt again.  

Thank you Helaines for taking the time and making the effort to come visit us!

Here are a few pictures from the event:

HHarris526, HWitt, Auntsweety, ME (Cummins) and HFRASER620
waiting for our dinner at Zocalo in Grand Central Station

Ditto, but with Lenny added!

Lenny and HHarris526's expressions
show what our dinner was like


(her MsHelaineous T-shirt was on her bed at home)


(You WEAR that shirt, damn it!  hahaha)

Me with HFRASER620

Me, Lenny and HHarris526
heading out to 42nd Street


Auntsweety,  HHarris526 and HWitt
leaving the station

I've got a bunch more photos from our walk if anyone is interested in seeing them.  Nothing great, but you can see some of what Lenny and I saw.