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I enjoy putting together special customized personalized pictures for greeting cards, web page birthdays greetings, and for just messing around.
I've decided to go back and find as many as I could
and stick them here so I (and you too) can go back
and see them. 
I mean, hell, they're WORTH seeing again
(and again and again and again)!!!

If you have any comments on these pictures
or anything else, email me and get it off your chest!


I've stuck the pictures in a very random order.
Maybe some day I'll go back and sort them out better . . . maybe . . .


Geoffrey's face

I used this picture for our Easter greetings 2002.
I just LOVE how thin I look!

Easter 2001 -  we're sooo cuddly!

Halloween 2001 - in case you don't recognize us, we're both backwards!

I just felt like sticking us in a scene from 
The Planet of the Apes

I didn't mess with this one toooo much. 
I only added the barbells!  ;-P

I wanted us to look old, 
but hey, we already are, 
so I added the old style clothes.

Christine, looking especially young! 

New Year's 2001

Valentine's Day - 2001

Just call him JustMan!

Here is Justin again with Peter Pan
and some 3" friends in Never Never Land


What a guy!

Sunrise Sunset . . .

What a different an outfit makes!

Like I said . . . great outfit!

Just try cutting out all those 
teeny tiny pieces . . .

Jackie's all broke up!

Just before Kaylin was born
(and before Justin lost his teeth . . . 
too bad his mouth is closed.)

Gramma Mia
(Elesa's face)

Wooohoooo, Mamma Mia is returning to LA, and we've got tickets!!!

Way to go Melissa!!!

Another way to go . . .

Talk about THIN!!!

She shoulda been in the Olympics!

I only arranged this picture to send Geoffrey,
but I like it.

Miss Liberty herself!
Tera's face

Hey, if you can't be together, 
you must improvise!
Same birthday, same improvisation . . .
Hey, whatever works . . . 

St Patrick's Day 2001 . . . We're so color coordinated . . . and I'M so spry!

A man's home is his castle.  Hey, Mike, some home!

Hanukkah 2001

Kids with Santa AND Lenny

I guess I forgot to tell you, Lenny and I were extras in the Planet of the Apes.
Uh huh, yeah . . .

Passover 2001

St Paddy's 2002
That's Lenny with the ears, and
that's ME . . . always the artist!

I cooked this time, but Lenny went out
and got the food with his trusty shot gun!

They asked "How did you do it?"
That's how . . .

Lenny was too afraid to climb to the top of Morro Rock.
Christine was too afraid to stay at the top.
So I stuck us all together

New Year 2002

Passover 2002

Christmas 2001

Valentine's Day 2002

Geoffrey and Tera were with us in spirit July 4th, 2001

Batman and Justin
(I don't remember what I added to this picture . . . hmmmm?)

Happy New Year from ALL of us!

Labor Day 2001

Logo I designed for our MsHelaineous T-shirts

Ain't they sweet?  (Tera and Geoffrey's faces)


(Tera and Geoffrey's faces)

(My face)




(Justin's face)











(Tera's faces and body?)

 (Tera's faces)

I'll be adding more as soon as I can find them!

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