Here's the MsHelaineous Blank Questionnaire

To use this page you can simply highlight, copy and paste the questionnaire to your email and type your answers after or under each question.  Feel free to answer only the questions you want to.  The Helaine's Directory page is totally password protected.  That means you must have the user name and password to get onto that page.  I only give the information to our members.

Email me if you need any help:

Screen Name:

Name:  (first, middle, last - maiden - others if applicable)



Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Current residence:

Other places you have lived:

Marital Status:

Name of Spouse:


Children's names, ages, etc.:

Other Family:


Hobbies, Interests, Organizations, etc.:


Occupation(s) (current):

Occupation(s) (former):

Ethnic Background/Religious Affiliation:

How did you get the name Helaine?

How do you feel about the name Helaine?

Anecdotes regarding the name Helaine: (funny/annoying/touching -- we all have them, it seems!)

Snail Mail Address and/or Telephone Number(s):

How you made up your screen name:

Additional Screen Names and/or AOL Instant Messenger Name:

General Comments, Anything Else You Want to Add!!!