Saturday, April 5, 2003


(Or should I say "Helen Day"?)

Helaine Michaels-Klein, who's stage name is Helen Day, visited with FOUR LA Helaines!  We were joined by my husband, Lenny, and Ashton's boyfriend, Paul.

We met and ate at Cantor's Deli on Fairfax.  It was GREAT . . . . the food and the company!

Here are some pictures of our Helaine Get Together.


Michaels-Klein                        Ashton

Michaels-Klein,  Ashton, Paul and  Depp

        Lenny,          ME       and           Michaels-Klein

We all met Ross for the first time too . . . FINALLY!
She is FUN!!!

Lenny, ME and Michaels-Klein,  Ashton, Paul, Depp and Ross

5 Helaines from the world famous, MsHelaineous Club!

5 Helaines from the world famous,
MsHelaineous Club's backsides!

Lenny and I visited with Helaine
at her daughter's place.

Michaels-Klein and ME

Michaels-Klein and ME

Helaine, it was great meeting you!
Can't wait till your next visit!