Sunday, December 15, 2002

Helaine Greenberg Came to Town!

Helaine Greenberg came through Los Angeles on her way from Reno to Vietnam.  That's all the occasion I needed to try for a Helaine meeting.  As it turned out, I was the only LA Helaine who could make it.  Depp was scheduled to be there but turned up very sick that weekend.  Bummer!

It was a small group, Helaine, my husband, Lenny, our visitor from England, Andy and, of course, ME!  Small, but we had a very nice time.  

We drove Helaine and Andy to an art show in the park in Woodland Hills and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory near there.  Yummmm . .. . 

Helaine is WONDERFUL!!!  I'm so glad we go to meet.  I'm sure we'll be in touch when she returns from the Far East, and in between her other trips.  (She takes lots of them!)

Here are a few pictures from our meeting.  Enjoy!





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