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Hi, Helaines of the WORLD!!!

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to THE first web page (well, except for MY first attempt a couple of years ago) devoted to "Helaines" . . . and now we also have some Helanes, Helaynes, Halaynes!  It was put together by me, Helaine, for Helaines (and now Helanes, Helaynes, Halaynes, AKA now Etcs), family and friends.  It has photos provided to you by . . . . . you guessed it, HELAINES!!! 

OK all you Helaines and Etcs out there, it's up to you to help me make this a great web site!  Send me Helaine pictures and news.  Send original art and poetry, stories . . . just stuff done by Helaines and Etcs, and I can stick it on a page to share with everyone.  Stories written about your  experiences, and your friends and family.  Tell us about your new job, your hobbies, your whatever! 


MsHelaineous Links

Please put up with a little self indulgence from me.  I've been selling my photos on different items at  If you'd like to see the kind of stuff  I've been selling, go to:

and click on a link which will take you to the shop that features that photo.  Thanks for "listening"!  Who know, you may find something you like!

Some people have been asking me about MsHelaineous Club stuff and other Helaine stuff.   Each link has over 200 different items:  shirts, sweat shirts, kids' shirts, infant items, smart phone, ipod and laptop cases and sleeves, mugs, purses, cards, magnets and buttons, etc.   Here are links to what I have up and ready to go:

There are also a couple of "shops of "I'm Helane" items because someone asked me for that a long time ago.

I'm Helane (NO "i") T-shirt and MORE:

If any of you other forms of Helaine would like to buy anything with your spelling of our name, let me know and, maybe, I can put them up for you.

I'm leaving the following links T-shirt links here, because I'm too lazy to check them all out right now.  Sorry . . . .   You can click them and see where they will take you:

We have our own MsHelaineous Club T-shirts
MsHelaineous 10 Years MsHelaineous Club T-shirts
MsHelaineous  3rd Year T-shirts

These links should all be in tact.  Let me know if you find anything wrong.  I haven't looked at some of them in ages.
Straight to Helaines Directory
MsHelaineous Club News Page
Blank Questionnaire for you to copy and paste to an email
LA  Helaines May 6, 2000 and May 7!!!
LA Helaines, Plus, Dinner August 25, 2001
Witt in LA - August 26, 2001
Cummins Meets Mottershead 3-2002-4.html
LA Helaines Meet Lainemarsh October 19, 2001
Lenny and FIVE Helaines Meet in New York  July 22, 2004
Helaine Greenberg Came to LA! December 15, 2002
See the MsHelaineous Wedding Page
Saturday, April 5, 2003 - It was a Helaine Day! 
(Or should I say "Helen Day"?)
First "No Pressure to Remember New Names" Dinner
Welcome Letter and History of MsHelaineous Club     

Scroll WAY down to see our newest Helaines!

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(This, suggested by,
appears on the back our our T-shirts.)

MsHelaineous Photos

Friends, family and Helaines, here's what a bunch of Helaines look like.  We're a big group.  There are many more than what you see here.  This is really cool, but I want MORE Helaine pictures!!!

This page will probably take a long time to load up due to the large quantity of photos!  Sorry . . . 

 Link to Helaines Directory



HSSDepp   HLieber204   Mzcatlady  hcummins  Xplrtoy

HWitt60634               HFRASER620      GnSchick
          HWitt60634       HFRASER620        Kirby303
                       hcummims  Xplrtoy      Mzcatlady

PaisleyMom       HFRASER620
PaisleyMom/ Migacz40/  HFRASER620/      HWitt60634/LAINETEACH





HFRASER620   Migacz40   HWitt60634


HLieber204     LAINETEACH

 Flick                  hcummins


Your web page editor - hcummins



LAINETEACH     hcummins





HelaineJ and grandson, Paul

mgurg and grandson, Avi

Rich and Helenegs (Silverman)

RHMOTT on the sailboat out in 
the puget sound near their home!


Linda Helaine (theirmomma) & Chuck

(Used to be:  Laine82)

Tina7 Performing

NutnHunny & Gerry

HGSunshine & hcummins
Click to see more

HWitt & Friends


Lainemarsh, hcummins & HssDepp
Click to see more

Hey263 and Daughter


HRoss . . . FINALLY!!!


healingHarris (from her web page)

Me -Helaine Cummins    UpJoey

Me & Lenny at the Ball



MsHelaineous Club Secretary




Helaine Almeida

Helaine Williams


                                                                                                                   HSSDepp     hcummins     HWitt    Ashton        Xplrtoy
Click on picture to see the August 2001 LA Helaines dinner

Click the picture to see the rest of our Helaine lunch on April 5, 2003.

Click pictures to see more pictures from this dinner!

Halayne Ehrenberg, Ehrenberg, Feldman, Kobrin, Helayne Scheier, Harris, Witt, Kozak


Helaine Segel Seccia   7/1/44 - 5/14/05
President Helaine, we'll miss you!
Hélène Spaulding      9/2/32 - 2/21/03
Spelled Hélène, Always Helaine
We'll miss you, Hélène . . .
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