Hello!  I'm Helaine. Online I'm Hawksmom (Hawkysmom on aol, Yahoo and MSM), 
but my son and some friends call me Hank.

This home page is mine, and it's about me!  (Because it's MINE!)

If you are still interested in reading this web page after my self-centered introduction, click on one of the following topics about ME:

IRC and ME to read about how I got started online, about some of my irc friends and where to go to
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IRC and Me Update to read about Summer 1997 and ME

My Family and ME to read about my husband, kids and ME to see what we're all about.

My Friends and ME to learn about some of my non-irc friends and more about ME.

My Parents and ME to read about my mom and dad and ME.

My Hobbies and ME to see what you'll find ME doing when I'm not working or playing on the computer.

MsHelaineous and ME to see photos of my Helaine friends and ME!
(This page will probably take a long time to load up due to the large quantity of photos!)

Weather and ME to see what the EXACT weather is at MY house! 

Special Events and ME to see new things happening in MY life!

My Photo Album and ME to see all the new photos in MY life!


Trip North 2002

Vegas 2002

New York 2002

July 4th, 2002

March  2002

My Kodak
Picture of the  Day
March 13, 2002

England 2001!!!

Sandi's 25th Birthday 
July 7 (8), 2001

January 27, 2007

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