My Hobbies and Me

Photography  (I have a whole photo gallery at:  I have several hobbies.  My oldest and greatest hobby is photography.  I've had a couple of classes (one while in college, and a couple of semesters at Kennedy High Adult School) on darkroom techniques, printing, developing and, of course, picture taking.  This, by no means make me a "pro", but it does help me to understand why so many of my photographs come out BAD!

I love taking all kinds of pictures.  I have lots of pictures of family and friends at all kinds of events, especially our annual 4th of July BarBQ, Potluck and Games Party.  (We've been holding this party since about 1979.)  I have lots of landscape and flower pictures and zoo pictures.  I've got telephone poles, toilets and close-up pictures of Q-Tips!  You name it, and I've got it!  I really out did myself during our July/August 1996 Europe trip taking 59 rolls of film!  (Too bad we don't hold Kodak stock.)

One of my favorite things about photography is making people look at my pictures!  I hope some of you will look at some of my pictures when I get them onto this web site.

I've bought a second digital camera, an Olympus C-5050.  So far I love it and have taken some cool pix with it.  See pictures from 12/03 on from my main page,,  and my search thing on it.

See my Enhanced Photos page 1 and Enhanced Photos page 2
Computer Stuff  When I first got my computer, back in 1995, I wasn't sure I could even rationalize the "need" for having it.  I hadn't a clue on what I would  use it for, and less of a clue how to even use the darn thing. 

Things have really changed since then! 

The first thing I learned, from my son Geoffrey, was irc and the whole world of communicating throughout the internet.  I never had an idea how involved I could get talking to "strangers" all over the world!  And when we couldn't coordinate being online at the same time because of the time difference, I learned all about email - fantastic email!

The next thing I learned was to make cards.  When my sister-in-law told me that she makes ALL of her own cards on the computer (and won't buy them any more), I thought "OK, yeah, you can make some cards on the computer, but . . . ".  Boy, was I wrong!  As I learned to scan my own photographs and used those photographs on cards, to make really personalized card, I realized that I will probably never buy a greeting card again!

And then as I progressed with my digital skills, I learned to manipulate photos.  I stick the heads of family and friends to whatever bodies I want to, and put them in places where they've never been!  It is definitely toooooo much fun!!!

Now I'm really happy when I can sit at my computer and mess with photos that I've taken, especially the pictures that have to do with traveling (see Travel below).  (See my photo gallery also.) 

TV  I've been a TV addict since I was a little kid.  I neglected homework, housecleaning and laundry, dinner making and kids/husband for TV.  As a matter of fact when the kids were little, I was almost glued to the television soaps from about 10:00AM till 4:00PM.  This was a hard addiction to shake!  But over the years, I cut it down to just one soap - Days of Our Lives.

For years I taped Days so that I could watch it when I got home from work.  I became so hooked on the computer that I'd tape and tape and never go back to watch those tapes.  BUT WAIT!  My hobbies/addictions came together now and again.  Here's an instance.  I found THE Days of Our Lives web site!!!  I didn't always tape and/or watch the show, but I'd never miss reading about Days on Dustin's Days of Our Lives site.   It was totally awesome for a while, but I'm proud to say, I've shaken loose of at least one addiction - I gave up Days!  I do a little "back-sliding" every once in a while, but . . .

Ceramics I always wanted to take a ceramics class, and now I have - Since about September 1994.  You'd think I'd be some kind of expert by now.  Nope!  But I have lots of fun playing with clay and talking with the regulars and making new friends.  I've made a few things that I'm proud of including several lighthouses, 50 bear pins for my friends at school (with their names on each one), a castle tower and a menorah.  Two things that I will be very proud, if/when it happens, will be my lighthouse and castle tower kaleidoscopes.  I made the two bodies in ceramics class and a very wonderful kaleidoscope artist is "supposed" to be sticking in the guts and the finishing touches.  We'll see . . . . .
Puzzles  I've always enjoyed putting jigsaw puzzles together, but now I've been combining two loves - puzzles and travel - to have even more fun putting them together.  To remember our wonderful Europe trip with our brother and sister-in-law in 1996, we've bought 3-D puzzles of the Tower Bridge and Big Ben in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  We also got an hugh puzzle with tiny lights of an Amsterdam canal at night.  I've been waiting for Pat to help me stick these puzzles together.  One more day ought to finish the Tower Bridge.  And then . . . . on to bigger and better things!
Travel  Lenny and I have visited family and friends in New York and Massachusetts and Spokane, Washington several times.  We had a free trip to Tahiti back in 1977 - it was AWESOME!  BUT when we decided to go to a friend's wedding in Copenhagen, Denmark, we just didn't realize how this travel bug can sting and take hold.  I think I'll stop with this travel stuff here and make a new page devoted to our traveling!  Yep, it's my web page and I can do what I want to!!!  (See my photo gallery!)
Rose Parade Float   Since 1992 my son (but not for a couple of years), my husband and I have been volunteering the La Canada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Parade Float.

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