Travel and ME

Ah . . . "travel" . . . where do I begin?


Well, as I started typing about "Travel and ME", I realized, I've really got lots to say.  Too much, in fact!  So, don't feel you HAVE TO READ EVERYTHING!!!  Feel totally free to just skip to the photos . . . when they're here!  hahaha

Most links don't work yet.  Perhaps Europe does as we speak . . .

I believe it was one year after our wedding in 1971, that I took my first plane flight.  Lenny and I flew to Rochester, New York for his cousin's wedding.  It was way cool!  We visited with his family and some old friends.  Besides the HUMIDITY, we had a wonderful visit.  We flew on to New York City to visit some of my family most of whom I hadn't seen in over 10 years.  We really enjoyed being with them.

We traveled to Spokane, Washington several times, over the years to visit some very good friends up there.  The first time it was just Lenny and I and our Afghan hound, Shama.  Geoffrey was with us "en womb"!  After that it was the three of us, and then the four of us after Sandi's birth in 1976. 

In 1977 Lenny and I left our two babies home to go on a free trip to Tahiti - airfare, hotels, all meals - ALL FREE!!!  Can you imagine?  We stayed in thatched roofed huts on the beach.  The water was clear and warm.  Except for the island hopping every third day, this trip was "relaxation".  Now this is what I thought "traveling" was all about!

For the next 9 years, we only took small trips . . . and Spokane.  Spokane was far away.  We always had a great time, but when we got there, it was fairly inexpensive because we stayed with our friends.

I'm so happy we got to travel where we did, including the small trips to San Diego, to Lake Tahoe and up along Highway 49, the old gold mining towns. We always had fun.

We had two wonderful vacations back east.

I don't think I ever REALLY knew what "travel" was until we went to Europe in 1993.  Now this was really AWESOME!!!


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