My Friends and ME

It's probably hard to believe that I have any friends after reading how much time I spend on my computer, but I do have some very close friends.  Some of the closest friends I have are my "OLD" high school buddies. 

My old high school friends, Elesa, Rosalie, Sandy, Barbara and I, went on our "50th birthday cruise" in July 1997.  We had a blast!  They had all been on cruises before, but not me.  It was really nice having people taking care of my every need.  It was wonderful just laying out on the highest deck on a lounge chair with the breeze blowing through my hair . . . and waiting for the perfect photo-oportunity to come along. (Actually, I fell asleep during one of those occasions, and had a weird tan line around my ankles for quite a while! hehehe)

I have some very close friends that my husband knew before me, and now we're all very close.  Barry and Ariella have both known Lenny since their high school days.  Barry and Lenny's birthdays are one day apart, and they've celebrated them together almost every year since they've know one another.  And that's a hell of a long time!   We have to celebrate via computer and telephone now as Barry and Ariella have moved to Israel.  We sure miss them!

Together, Lenny and I have lots of friends (too many names to mention my web page).  This is evident, especially at "Lenny and Helaine's Umpteenth Annual July 4th Games, BarBBQ, Potluck and Fireworks Extravaganza Party".  For over  20 years, we've been having this party and inviting 50 to 75 of just our "closest" friends.  :-)   We always have lots of fun along with TONS of great food, and I get to take many rolls of film!  And shhhhhhhh, we don't really do fireworks.  Nope, uh uuh!  NO WAY!

I always said when asked, "No, I'd never want to be given a surprise party."  I mean, who would come.  Well, May 1997, when I turned 50, Lenny and my family TOTALLY surprised me with a huge surprise party!  We were supposed to be going to lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant with some of our family - Lenny, our two kids, my brother's family and Lenny's brother and his wife.  My other brother who was supposed to come up from San Diego with his family, called to let us know that they wouldn't be able to come.   :-(   But no worry, there was still a pretty large group of us - 12 or more.

Well, when we got to the crowded restaurant, the owner told us to just go into the extra room to get a table.  I told Lenny to wait till they come to turn on the light - I'm not going to turn it on!  Well, when that light went on, I was totally in shock!  I looked around.  The room was FULL!  And wait!  I knew everyone in the room!  I couldn't believe how they so totally surprised me.  I couldn't believe how many friends (and family) showed up to honor ME!!! There's nothing like a GREAT meal, with WONDERFUL friends . . . . . and . . . . . PRESENTS . . . . .for ME!!!  Thank you again, Everyone!  That was a day that I'll always remember!

Being the "jetset" people that we are, Lenny and I have friends in far away places.  It's great having friends all over the world, but at the same time, it's sad that we are unable to be with them. 

We met the Jarratt family from England way back in 1987.  Our two families just seemed to click.  We had the most fun at Disneyland with these "strangers" than we ever had, or have had since.  Fortunately, we've been able to visit them in Enlgand twice now, and they've been here once, but, hopefully, we'll see them again soon!

And then there are the "internet friends".  Lots of people just don't understand how you can make real friends over the internet.  I talk to lots of people online, but some of them have stopped being "internet friends" and have become REAL CLOSE FRIENDS!  Lenny and I have met lots of them now, David and his family from Australia, Dennis and his family from South Africa, Shari and her friend from Singapore, Bruno from France and most recently Jan in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and her family.

I have some really close friends that I haven't been able to meet in person, but maybe some day . . . . I would love to meet Manar and her family from Cairo, Egypt.  She is one of my "oldest" and closest friends.  She introduced me to Rana, another friend in Cairo who I'd love to meet in person!

The list goes on:  Jazz in England, Jorge in Australia, Liz in England . . . . and the list goes on!  Check out my "IRC and ME" page.

NOBODY can tell me that "internet friends" are not the same as "real" friends!  The only difference is thousands of miles separating them from us.

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