My Family and ME

My name is Helaine Cummins. I live in Granada Hills (part of Los Angeles), California, USA.  I'm now 50ish, and too old to be so addicted to the computer. (hehehe)

I work as an Office Assistant at Vintage Math, Science and Technology Magnet Elementary School in North Hills about 1/2 mile from my house (weather here).  (Very cool to work soooo close to home!) I've been at Vintage for over 13 years, and I guess I'll be there a while longer.  My job includes processing all student records and entering all of their information into the main LAUSD SIS computer, answering phones and taking care of the kids, parents, and teachers that come into the Office. I type and reproduce letters, bulletins and the monthly newsletter, etc. that go home to parents on the Office Mac.  I also take care of sick kids and kids that get hurt.  Los Angeles Unified School District can't afford to have a nurse in every school every day.  One of my favorite sayings in the Health Office is "I don't do blood!"

Lenny, my husband for 30 years (married June 28, 1970), has worked in the music business FOREVER!  Right now he works for a compact disc manufacturing company.  They make cd's and cd roms. Another part of his job is working with cassettes and some video tapes.  I'll have to get him to write something about his job.  I really know so little about it, but I do have a picture of Oliver, the official guard dog on duty at Lenny's office.

Geoffrey (photo)   (see his web page) is our oldest child (Child? He was born December 1, 1973, and was married to Tera, July 30, 2000!)  He FINALLY graduated California State University at Northridge (CSUN), majoring in Computer Science.  We we so excited when we received the "official confirmation"!  He worked at Zuma, a division of MRV, for several years.  He's been working at the computer job that he's wanted for a long time.  Actually, Geoffrey and Tera moved up to Seattle for a "dream job", but being it was a job, it was fun while it lasted.  He's out of work as we speak.  If you have a nice computer job for him, call, email or write!!!

Geoffrey DID graduate from CSUN with a BS in Computer Science June 2, 2000!!!  Click to see photos!

Sandi, age 25 (born July 8, 1976), is our second and last "child".  She graduated from CSUN, majoring in Graphic Design.  She has worked many part time jobs including, a children's' clothing store, an ice cream parlor, as a counselor for a teenage youth group, at a popular local gift store, at a doctor's office, selling/renting tuxedos, as graphic design artist at a health club and, finally, as a graphic design artist at The Right Start.  At her young age she has worked at more different jobs than I have in my whole life.  We're very proud of her!  Sandi is a alumus of the Alpha Phi sorority and has made many wonderful lifelong friends.

Tera, isn't an official member of our family yet, but we all think of her as an extra daughter/sister. Hold the fort!!!  Tera and Geoffrey were wed on July 30, 2000, and is a card holding official member of the family now!!!! 

I'm so happy that my father got to know Tera.  I think it was wonderful for him as well as her.  My mom would have loved her too.

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