Graduation Photos
June 1, 2000

Geoffrey's FIRST graduation . . . from Kindergarten!
(I believe it was in 1979,)

And now, FINALLY, his graduation from
California State University, Northridge!!!

Geoffrey graduated from CSUN with
a BS in Computer Science on June 1, 2000!!!

We're so very proud of him for sticking it out.
Many others would have given up, and quit a long time ago.

Congratulations Geoffrey!  We love you!!

Ah . . . WHO didn't want to "walk"?  hahaha


Getting his diploma and a handshake!


Geoffrey stuck with it . . . and we're sooooo PROUD!!!

Next is the wedding!!!


Sandi is proud of her brother too!


The Computer Science Grad and his parents




The Simmons' were also proud of their cousin!

(A few more photos to be added soon!)