IRC and Me Update: Summer 1997
My husband, my son and I had the pleasure of meeting several of the irc kids from Toronto, Canada in person. We spent our first evening in Toronto with eight of the kids, some of whom we've known for over 3 years on irc. We had a wonderful dinner in a very unique restaurant - Marche. As with the other ircers I've met, these people were even nicer in person than on the computer. There was Ann (who organized our meet), Tara (who we'd hook up with the next week in Winnipeg), Kevin, Steve, Jason (who we met last spring when he was visiting him mom in LA), Rafeek, Ben, Marie, and Lesley (who we met a couple of days later) and some of the TO groups' friends. We had a GREAT time and a ton of good food!

A few days later Ann, Kevin and Lesley gave us a wonderful walking tour of Toronto from downtown to some trendy shopping areas and Chinatown to the civic center. I wouldn't have believed I could walt that far and enjoy it so much!

The next day we started our 34 hour train ride to Winnipeg. The ride was beautiful through plains, by lakes and trees, and lakes and trees, and lakes and trees. It was toooooo beautiful! Only thing - after 4, 6, 10 hours of beautiful, we had had enough, but we'd still have another 24 hours to go!

After arriving in Winnipeg after the long train ride, we knew it was worth it. David and Lisa (the groom from Australia and Lisa the bride from Winnipeg) met us at the train station. They rushed us to the hotel, and then over to the theater where we had seats waiting for us to see South Pacific. The intermission brought introductions to the bride's and groom's family whom I had spoken to on irc and only briefly on the phone. It was wonderful finally meeting all of them in person.

Lisa's family had plans arranged for us (and the rest of the out-of-towners) every day of our stay. And, of course, the highlight of our visit was David and Lisa's beautiful wedding. From the wedding gown that Lisa designed and sewed, and the cool tux's that David and the groomsmen wore, to the delicious dinner catered by the bride's own parents (ribeye roast, appricot chicken and fish kabobs) and the totally awesome dessert tables with the kangeroo ice sculpture! The wedding was really special! The family and friends we met welcomed us into their homes and all of the festivities. We were really sad to leave.

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