July 4th, 2002

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* Sandi waiting for guests to arrive

* Lenny's waiting too.  Can you believe, we're READY!!?!!

* Some of our red, white and blue!

* Me, still crying from the onions . . .

* Marlene's here too!
(And I've gotta make sure I've got plenty of pictures of her!  hahaha)

Lillian and Berniece - first timers

Tom and Selin


Stephanie and Sandi

Auntie Mae and her friends, Lillian and Berniece

Melissa and her friends with Marlene

Tiffany and Sharon

Judy, Justin and Gramma Elesa

Setsuko and Rita, Larry's mom (first timer)

Misako . . . WOW, she's grown since last year!

Mommy Jodie, and Granny Pat

Matthew and Kaylin



The kids, Justin, Koko, Larry, Yuri and Misako

Justin (4) and Yuri (5)

Kaylin and Granny Elesa


Matthew, Sandi, Kaylin and Justin

Stephanie and Travis

Pat, Cara Rose and mommy, Jodie

Cara Rose, all dressed in red, white and blue!



Rosalie and Alan (talk about growing since last time!)

* Kaylin and Rosalie

Old Farts, Alan and Phil

Grampa Mike and Gramma Julene


David and Jackie

Kai'a and Gramma

* Pictures taken by the well known photographer, Larry Brody!

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