July 4th, 2002

Page 2

Games Director Lenny keeping watch on Justin at basket ball

Larry's parents, Rita and Jim Walsh, first timers

Kaylin and Jackie

Stephanie and Justin

Elesa and Judy


Carmen and Bill

Setsuko with her teeny tiny cool digital camera

Vintage People:  Me, Julene, Marlene and Rosemary

Marlene, have you been counting?  :-)

Sharon goes for baskets!


Matthew AND ME!!!

Bill and Setsuko

Sumako and Ed, arriving late after returning from Japan and the LAX ordeal

Koko, another one who's really grown a lot!

Justin and Yuri playing Pokemon
(Justin, you forgot your game here.  We'll take care of it for you.)

Al and Sophie

Mae and Al

Mae and Sophie

OLD friends - Al, Mae and Sophie

Travis, Rosalie and Larry

Travis making Mudslide . . . YUMMMMM!!!

Larry's mom, Rita looking at a picture of him in Variety



Al, Sophie, Lillian and Berniece

Julene and Kai'a . . . hmmmm good

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