July 4th, 2002

Page 3

Grampa Larry

One of our pretty flowers (You shoulda seen the other one!)

Cara Rose

Judy and Kaylin

Daniel, Lisa, Reyna and Dan arrive!
And we're sooooo happy!!!   Wooooohoooo!!!!

Yoko, Setsuko and Bob

This year's barbeque chefs, Yoko, Setsuko and Julene,
all decked out in new red, white and blue aprons!

Yoko, Setsuko and Julene, testing our new BBQ utensils
with Rosemary looking on!

Daniel with our newest game

Lillian, Berniece, Jodie, Pat and Alan

Jackie, Mae and Marlene

Elesa and me (and my Star Spangled pen)

Lisa, Dan and Reyna

Dan and his Buttwiser shirt. . . hahaha

Jackie does the new bean bag game


Chow's on!

and first in line . . . Matthew . . . just kidding . . I was first in line!

Rosemary and Phil

Marlene (and still counting!)

Julene and her famous beef sticks - yummmmm!!!

* Lisa, Dan and Reyna . . . Lisa told you you could rest

* Jodie, Pat and Scott

* Al and Sophie

* OLD people - Mae, Al, Sophie,
Lillian and Berniece . . oh, AND David!

* Kaylin

* Kaylin

* Elesa

* Kaylin and Stephanie

* Lenny and games director apprentice,
Koko, setting up a new game

* Reyna

* Yoko

* Bob and Setsuko


Dessert's on . . . and it looks like Jackie in the front of the line . . .
Just kidding again . . . maybe

And another of Marlene

Same to you, Buddy!  Oh, you got something in your eye?

Sharon and Tom

Mommy Steph and Kaylin and Sandi

Sandi and Misako

Two OLD grampas, Larry and Alan

Our new Uncle Sam!

* Pictures taken by the well known photographer, Larry Brody!

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