Sunday, August 26, 2001

I had a great time "touring LA"!  I joined Helaine when she drove Helaine around LA . . . the Beveryly Hills, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, Bellaire, the Griffith Park Observatory, and more.  We had fun!


The Witch's House in Beverly Hills

The Griffith Park Observatory

James Dean and Helaine Witt

My EYES!!!
I can SEE!!!



The Observatory



Try to see the LA skyline . .. I dare you!

Hollywood Sign in the background

Sorry, I couldn't get it right . ..  :-(

I did it MY waaaaaay!!!

Helaine       Helaine      Helaine

NBC Helicopter near NBC Studio

Our coastal path?




Helaine      Helaine

Helaine            Helaine






Helaine Helaine Helaine

See our reflection?




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