Monday, March 25, 2002

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Lenny, Geoffrey and I met . . . . Helaine!

Helaine (me) and Helaine

Helaine (me) and Helaine
Both in MsHelaineous shirts!

It was really GREAT meeting another Helaine!

After leaving Helaine, we saw some navy ships,

including aircraft carriers!

Then we got on another ferry boat and headed back to Issaquah


If you look quick, doesn't Geoffrey seem to be
wearing orange pants with his legs spread? :-)


Lenny and Geoffrey on the ferry boat

And now . . . .SEAGULLS!!!

Click here to see a bunch more!

Love this sign!



We saw beautiful homes and views!




Lenny, Geoffrey and I stopped for lunch at XXX Root Beer,
the 50 style joint in Issaquah

I'm sure it's wrong, but it remined us of Mike's car!

Wish we had this home!

Inside the juke


We got "home" and picked up Tera and drove up north
to visit with Karen and Michael, our old Gaviota neighbors.

We ate "Mexican" . . .
Here's Tera with a yummy drink!

But MINE was yummier!!!
Karen and Me

Lenny and Geoffrey

Michael and Karen

Michael in front of their house


Tera, Michael, Geoffrey and Lenny


Karen and Tera saying good-bye

Karen and Me - I swear I wan't drunk!

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