Saturday, March 23, 2002

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Jan and Johnny arrived shortly after Betty and John.  We jumped into a couple of cars and headed to Seattle.


This is Jan, a great friend from Vancouver, British Columbia,
who I originally met On-Line.  We met in person up there in 1999.
Jan and Johnny drove down to Seattle to meet us this trip.
We're sooooo glad they did!

Me with Jan in the back seat.

We got to Seattle, but we had to find a place to eat.
We were all starved!

We found Quzno's!

Geoffrey, Betty and Tera

Lenny and me at Quizno's for lunch.

Jan and Johnny

John and Betty

Betty, Geoffrey, Tera, Jan, Johnny, Me, John and Lenny

Full, we were then able to enjoy Seattle.

We walked down by the harbor.

Betty, Tera, Johnny and Geoffrey with Lenny behind.



Seagulls . . . I just couldn't resist!



Now we're at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks.  It was so interesting to see how they lower and raise the water to let the boats go through from the canal to the Puget Sound.


It was kind of scary for me to cross over . . .
but that didn't stop me from taking pictures!





Lenny was looking at the Development of the
Chinook Salmon, a great display, but also a little gross.
(Click on Lenny to see what he was seeing.)

Cool wave sculpture


Johnny, Jan and Geoffrey reading about the locks.



Click the geese to see more of my Canadian Geese shots

Tera, were you trying to SCARE the geese?

John and Jan



After the docks and locks we worked up appetites for dinner!

Geoffrey, Lenny, John, Johnny, Betty, Tera, Me and Jan

Jan and Johnny

Geoffrey and Lenny

John and Betty

Tera and Me

Me and Jan

(I believe that is everyone now . . . hahaha)

After dinner we called it a day and planned to meet for breakfast Sunday morning.

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