Sunday, March 24, 2002

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All of us out for breakfast Sunday morning.

This waitress REALLY tried to get
THE picture of our group!


Click here to read about Ride the Ducks

Hey, we're gonna ride the duck!!!

We're gonna "See Seattle by Land and by Sea"!

Our duck

Johnny, Betty, Jan, Geoffrey, Tera, Lenny, Me, John
Waiting to board our duck

Our duck captain going over emergency rules

And, hocking duck calls!

Hey, there's Geoffrey (in the mirror)!

Here's our water-part-of-the-tour greeter!

What a ham!

Some cool boats

John, Lenny and Betty seeing the sights



Oh, here's a better one of John


I guess it's oil, but ain't it pretty?


The Seattle Space Needle from the water

The International Fountain is wonderful and worth every bit of the $6.5 million they spend to replace and expand it in 1995!!!


Lenny, Geoffrey and Betty
(Geoffrey, hope you don't get a bug or bird poop on your tongue!)

Jan and Johnny

Tera and Betty eating cotton candy

Johnny and Jan eating cotton candy

I'm eating cotton candy, too!  Atkin's Diet?  What's that?

Jan with her duck quacker call

Jan giving Tera her "friendship bread" before heading home

Betty and John are headed home too, but after the mall!

Later Sunday, we explored the kids' back yard creek



I don't see no fish . . .



Geoffrey and Tera's new apartment

Geoffrey heading in

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