4th of July 2001
Lenny and Helaine's
Umpteenth Annual
July 4th Potluck, BBQ, Games
Fireworks Extravaganza!!!
(Nah, we don't REALLY have fireworks!)

Uncle Geoff, Hopes you
enjoy these
4th of July 2001
party pictures!

to bottom
Some of our "red, white & blue" decorations! 
We had tons this year!

That's ME all decked out for the 4th of July.
I'm standing with our little "peach" tree
Look at all them peaches!






Ain't they cuties!!!




No, REALLY . . . there was NO money involved
Yeah, they're ALL over 21!!!!





They got technique!  They've got style!




Hey, she's sleeping for TWO!!!


Hey Larry, pay attention when I'm taking your picture!


That's MUCH better . . . Thank you!




See what I mean about technique?


See how Lee is practicing Carmen's technique? :-)


Now Tom, has is own unique technique!




Here's Jackie with yet more "off-basket" practicing!


Is this a cute kid or what
Oh, and he just HAPPENS to be MY great  nephew!



OK, so I moved!!!


We're all dressed for the 4th!!!  hehehe

Tera too!!!






Wasn't it just last year that Kim and Amy were kids at our party?


Hey, wait! I cooked this year!!!


OK, that's much better! hehehe


Is the fire department on alert?


A family portrait
Awww, where is Joe when ya want him?








I moved again . . . but maybe this time it was a good thing?


Happy Birthday, Sandi and Lee!


Talk about dessert . . . Yummmmmm!!!!!



Whatcha all lookin' at?


It's a birthday candle!
Yeah, a birthday candle!!!


And we DID have TWO birthdays . . .
not to mention  . . . our country's birthday!


OK, SING . . . Happy Birthday to you . . . . 





Honorable Mention - 
Great Job!!!


Third Place - 
Not EVERYONE owns a blinking patriotic hat!


Second Place -
wins a shirt to wear next year's party!


First Place
goes to: 
Kim, Bill, Walt, Koko and Judy


Congratulations to all of our winners!!!


Hey, EVERYONE look at the camera
Well, except Koko . . .



An invited . . . unWANTED guest
peers over the wall!



Where is my head I just "found" some more pictures from our party.  Enjoy!






Lenny and I want to thank each of you 
for helping us celebrate this
4th of July holiday!!! 
It was YOU who made this party SPECIAL!!! 

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