Hi There!  Wanted to share this story with you.  I think it is a great story.  Wouldn't have missed it for the world.  Sorry if I'm messing up and telling you again, if I've already emailed it to you.  It was too hard to figure who I've sent it to and who not, since I sent a bunch from up in WA.  Bear with me!  Here goes:

We feel better, after visiting with Geoffrey and Tera for the last few days.  Here's my story of our first night in Seattle.  Enjoy!

As of February 3, 2001 Geoffrey and Tera live in Issaquah, just east of Seattle.  Lenny and I flew up Thursday night, February 15 to see their new world.  Well, let me tell you . . . It was beautiful landing in Seattle, the first time I've ever landed in snow.  It was beautiful with snow all over the place.

When we went out to the car it was ICE COLD!!!

It was Geoffrey's first time ever  driving in the snow, but he was doing well.  When we got onto the last  freeway headed to Issaguah, the road was really getting covered snow.  We saw a truck lying on it's side.  We were all getting pretty nervous.  There were these "vehicles" up ahead with all kinds of lights flashing and we're thinking, "What's going on?"  Well, they were a team of about 4 snowplow trucks and a big tow truck.  We drove very slowly right BEHIND them.  It was cool, no prob.

We got off the freeway and turned up to their neighborhood.  Almost as soon  as we  started up the hill, Geoffrey's Exterra started fishtailing all over the place, and he was only driving about 15 miles an hour!  He stopped right away.  No prob, he's got chains . . . but does he know what to do with them?  Nope!

Well, Geoffrey and Lenny were out there in heavy snow trying to get them things  on for about a half hour.  Another guy who abandoned his car tried to  help for a while before giving up and walking home.  Then Lenny and Geoffrey gave up and decided to abandon the car.

Lenny was wet and FREEZING so he left with Tera into the snowy night.  Geoffrey waited with me till I changed my sandals for  . . . if you can believe this . . . big leather Rebocks with thick heavy knee socks!  After getting them on AND my scarf AND knit hat AND hood AND poncho . . .and bagging my big camera bag, video bag, and getting a few important things in another plastic bag (my small 35mm and digital camera), Geoffrey and I started our mile or more (found out later it was only 3/4 mile, but it seemed like MILES) trudge through the 6+ inches of snow, up steep grades, and finally snow covered stairs . . . I'm telling you, you'd have been proud of me.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, we started walking around 12:30AM!

I guess I don't have to tell you, I made it . . . and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Next morning, while Geoffrey, Tera and Lenny, went to retrieve the car that we left in the snow.  I was playing photographer.  It was totally beautiful looking out the windows!  They live right next to a hill (mountain?) with snow covered pinetrees.  It wasn't snowing anymore, but looking at the  trees, you'd think so.  I guess it was "warming up" so the snow was falling off the trees wherever you look.  Clumps of the stuff just falling and looking beautifull!  (Oh it took Geoffrey over 15 minutes just to get his car out of the spot where he "abandoned" his car!  The ground was frozen!)

It was really cold out, like 34 degrees, but with the wind chill, "it felt like 26":


if you want to see for yourself the weather in Issaquah.

Anyhow, the area where Geoffrey and Tera lives is beautiful!  They are the first people to live in their apartment.  It's that new.  I thought it was a huge apartment complex.  Actually, it's a whole new community of apartments, condos and even private homes . . .all brand new.  Talk about your basic yuppies.  Sandi would love it!

Tera has already had a job interview.  Don't know what will become of it, but if she gets it, she'll be some kind of assistant buyer for . . . COSTCO!  Cute huh?  Her cousin is some kind buyer for them and put her onto the interview.  Keep your fingers crossed.  (Tera did get the job and was doing her first day there when the Seattle earthquake struck!  Costco sent the whole building home right after.  I think she'll always remeber that first day!)

Anyhow, just thought you'd like to know . . .

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