Venice Beach, California

Saturday, October 19, 2002


After our breakfast with Lainemarsh on Saturday, October 19, Lenny, Depp, Sara and I took the LONG way home.  We drove through our old stomping grounds . . . what a trip!  When we realized that Depp and Sara hadn't seen the Venice Canals in their present glory, we headed towards Venice (Venice, California, that is).  The weather was PERFECT.  We strolled along the canals stopping to watch the ducks, people in boats and Shelby selling lemonade with home baked chocolate chip cookies all for TEN CENTS a pop!  Lenny MADE her charge us 25 . . . . I think the others would agree that we had a lovely tour of the canals.


Before we hit the Venice canals, we flew up
and down "the steepest" hill in LA!

Then we headed to Venice

The weather was PERFECT and the ducks
were swimming and quacking all over the place!

Lenny enjoyed the ducks.



Sara and Helaine liked the bridges.



Cool shirts!


OK, I enjoyed the ducks too!


What 3 Helaines "would" have looked like in Venice
had Lainemarsh been able to join us


The Venice "Duck Walk"?

OK . . . it IS their walk!



Too bad we didn't have any food for the ducks . . .



One of the old small houses on the canals.



One of the HUGE newer homes on the canals.

Topiary fisherman



A brand-spanking-new homes which wasn't totally finished.
The people were moving their belongings in.


One of the OLDER houses "gutted"
to turned into a HUGE new home.



My "painted" version of the photo above


Another photo I played around with

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I didn't have any, but the others said it was very good.



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