Veterans' Day Weekend 2002

Monday, November 11, 2002

Howie's Backyard,
Mavis and GOOD BYES

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Lenny and I planned to head for home by noon Monday.  We had nothing planned in the morning so I went out back to take a few pictures.  Then Vickie offered to drive us around looking at the fall trees.  (I'll be making some web pages with those shots soon.)  When we returned to their house we were in the back yard again watching Mavis swim.  Told you she's a show off!


Check out them oranges!


They also grow  pomagranates











Mavis loves to swim!














At Casa De Fruta Coffee Shop for lunch on the way home.


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Page 1 - Saturday - Gretta's Home
Page 2 - Saturday - Lunch with Gretta
Page 3 - Saturday - Waves at Pacific Grove
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Page 6 - Sunday   - San Francisco - Lunch
Page 7 - Sunday   - Dinner with Howie, Vickie and Mavis
Page 8 - Monday   - Backyard, Mavis Swimming & Good Byes

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