Pacific Grove Shoreline

Saturday, August 9, 2003

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Saturday morning Lenny, Sandi and I left at 5:00AM headed north to Pacific Grove.  We met our friend there for lunch and then headed up to San Jose to spend some time with our cousins.  We had a wonderful dinner spent the night with them. 

Sunday morning we headed up to our ultimate goal . . . to see our newest little great nephew!  And his mommy!  We had a short, but really nice visit.  Alan, David DOESN'T CRY so much.  We never even heard him in over 3 hours!

We headed home around 3:30PM.  The weather was WONDERFUL wherever we were.  The driving was great . . . UNTIL we were a half hour from home.   We sat in traffic from Castaic to Magic Mountain for almost an hour, but hey, we did get to see quite a nice fireworks display right there from the freeway! 

Total miles for the weekend was 828.6!!!

It was a great trip and all three of us want to do it again soon!

Some links to Pacific Grove, CA

We arrived at Pacific Grove early so
decided to climb around the shoreline.



It was really beautiful!

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One of the nice "little" houses by the water . . .

. . . and the view from it!

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