Our Trip
Issaquah, WA

Geoffrey and Tera's New Home

Page 2 - Saturday, February 17, 2001

We set out fairly early in the morning and didn't stop till Country Cousin
in Centralia.  Cockadoodle Doo!!!  It was yummy!

I thought the silverware setup made a nice pattern

Tera was giving her choice a lot of thought!

Geoffrey too!

They had a great decor

Country Cousin - home of the giant chicken!  hahaha

We were off again headed to Longview . . . I was sitting in back . . .
(I had to take pictures of something . . . )

Geoffrey concentrating on driving



Grandma Iddings' flower garden - really pretty flowers!

Don't know what happened here, but I kinda like it!





John was giving us a tour of the yard and gardens

Looking across the street

Looking down the street

Grandma Iddings' house

This tree has some major growth!

Geoffrey and Eddie

Ah . . . Geoffrey . . .

Betty, I totally see Lizzie in you here!

Our feet!

Mine are the BRITE WHITE shoes that never get worn!

Eddie, pretty girl!  Geoffrey, gooh boy!

Self portrait

John at his house.  We all went there after Grandma Iddings' house.
Finally got to Tera's house, and it's beautiful!


The Mc Nallys came to visit us at the Hausners.
First time we're seeing them in 8 years!


The Hausners took us to dinner at The Keg, in Vancouver, WA
Yummmmm!!!  Thank you again for the great dinner!
(Wish I had kept it longer . . . )




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