A Visit with Good Old Friends!

July 26-30, 2002


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While Lenny and I were planning a family trip to Rochester, we thought it would be fun to visit our old friends in La Porte, Indiana, since we were so close.  We rented a car and drove there, stopping in Cleveland, Ohio to tour the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  

(Click here to see MY pictures taken at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.)

We stayed with our friends for 4 days.  Their house isn't your basic tract home.  It's more like a museum!  The house was built in 1873.  At one point in the 1950's,  it was turned into apartments with structural changes.  Our friends bought the house in 1993 and started restoring it back to it's original look, and furnishing it with antiques.  When you walk through their front door, it's as if you've gone back in time to the late 1800's.  Although, you're way back in time, the dishes are still washed in a dishwasher, and while sitting in the living room you can watch DVD's on a huge modern TV hidden in an old wooden cabinet.  (Click here to read more about their house.)

We sure had fun with them.  We even got to be there when they bought a horse!  Check out my other pictures.

We stayed in the guest bedroom which is totally restored.



The door to our own little porch.


Our stained glass window

This is Jade and she's sweet!

Can you see why she's called Jade?


Their office


I couldn't resist.  I stuck two pictures together
so you could see the room "together".

Hey, we've got a typewriter like this!


The office


Hallway to the our bathroom

Close up from picture above



In the living room, an 1800's recliner?


Staircase that our friend built



Our bathtub

and shower

They LOVE their radiators!


Stairs they use for now . . .

Until the new one's carpeted

The kitchen

The antique stove


In the hallway


Look, there's Lenny, still reclining!


While Randy works away in the master bedroom!


Restored ceiling in the master bedroom

Phoebe, their Jack Russell  . . . or what I call "yoyo dog"

She was very sweet too!

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