NEW YORK  2002

A Family Visit

Saturday, July 20, 2002

The Old Hood!

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Annette drove us to Lenny's old neighborhood to seek out his roots.  The present residents let us go around the yards and garage taking photos and video, and Lenny relived his past.  Even showed us where the old lilac bush grew.
* Before we left, I did my usual shower.  But before I would get into Annette tub, I made Lenny remove an intruder!  Click here to see it!!!


Checking out the Remington St garage.

Then we went across the street to his grandparents' house where he spent lots of time.  (And Annette grew up there!)  It took the man who lives there about a minute to offer them a look around the old place, inside and out.  Lenny and Annette were just loving remembering their past.


Remember, that was my room!


Here's the sun porch . . . and see Lenny's old school #22
(top right corner)

And look!  The old bathtub on legs is still here!


Here's the kitchen, but it looks very different.

The stairway up to Annette and Mort's appartment.


Now down to the cellar

Here's the cabinets that Grampa Pickus built.


Annette was wondering  if the
World War I magazines are still in there?

Does this photo have a few extra
visitors (in the form of orbs)?  Hmmm . . .

Awww, ain't they cute!

This is where the milkman left the milk.

See, there's #22 school.

Here's the shul (synagogue) where Alan was Bar Mitzvah'd.

Down Burbank St near Lenny's old house.


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