Monday, July 23, 2001

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Mevagissey, in Cornwall, is a typically quaint Cornish fishing village which has an inner and outer harbor from which the thriving fishing industry still operates.






This kid saw me taking pictures and yelled to Vinny about it.

Now Vinny and his friends want to give me some really good photo ops.
"No problem, we jump from here all the time!"

Christine was sure their "mums" were going to come after
me for encouraging these kids in their "dangerous" escapades.





They have some really interesting things in England,
and many of them show up in the bathrooms (loos).
Push the top botton       - out comes soap.
Push the middle botton - out comes water.
Push the bottom button  - out comes warm air to dry 
                                            your hands.

Cool, huh?




These hydrangeas were beautiful and really BLUE,
but they were not just here in Mevagissey.
We saw them throughout our travels of Southwest England.

Everywhere you look in Mevagissey, is like looking at a painting.


Now this pub is the place to order Fish 'N Chips!

Cute couple we spoke to at the pub.  (She's an "Essex Girl".)


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