Tuesday, July 24, 2001


St. Michael's Mount
St. Ives

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

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After spending a wonderful day visiting the Eden Project and exploring The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Christine drove us to Charleston to see the tall ships.
"Charlstown is the familiar TV location for Poldark and The Onedin Line.

The village was built in 1801 for the import of coal and export of China Clay; it remains an unspoilt port and retains its Georgian character. Called after Charles Rashleigh who began the development of the little fishing village by creating the harbour and widening its streets to allow for the wagons, which carried the china clay to the harbour.

Today the harbour provides a permanent berth for square-riggers. The Shipwreck and Heritage Centre, is entered through tunnels which were used to convey the clay to the docks."

Afraid it was too hard to get good pictures of the tall ships.
They were close together and it was dark in their dock.
But, trust me, it was really cool seeing them in person!


Kids (8 to 10 years old) jumping of the harbor wall - fun past time!



Christine, you can never tease Lenny and me
about how much we're on our cell phones!

Not EVER!!!

Charleston had lots of really cute 200+ year old buildings.



Christine, Lenny and I picked a pub/restaurant to eat, 
but we left when they refused to serve us.  We went back to St. Ewes to a recommended pub and had one of our better meals.


St. Michael's Mount

We got up on Wednesday, July 25, had a wonderful breakfast at our B&B and set out towards our next stop-over - St. Ives.  At one point on our ride Lenny looked up towards the left (we were scheduled to head right) and said "Look at that over there!  Is that a castle?"  Christine made a swooping left turn and we headed to St. Michael's Mount
"In Cornwall this former Benedictine Priory and Castle is the jewel in Cornwall's crown. Home of the St Aubyn family for 300 years.  Separated from the town of Marazion and the mainland by a 500 yard long granite causeway, only reachable by boat when the tide is in."
So Christine says "We'll take the boat over and walk back.  I said, "Yeah, right!"  OK, she was right yet again!

I guess I didn't take any digital pictures at St. Michael's Mount.  Don't worry, one day I'll scan some photos to fix up this section!

On the walk back from the Mount, we checked out this
pile of rocks which is also unreachable when the tide is in.

One last shot of St. Michael's Mount from the pile of rocks

St. Ives

We were really excited about St. Ives!  We were scheduled to stay at a several hundred year old "haunted inn", the Skidden House Hotel. (Click to read its history and about its ghosts!)  The staff wasn't quite as friendly as our B&B's at first, but lightened up before we left.  The place was really cute though.  Although I don't REALLY believe in ghosts, I was worried enough about the ghosts to NOT stay awake alone!

I guess I didn't take any digital pictures at St. Ives either.  What was I thinking?  I'll scan photos for this part too!









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