Ross-on-Wye Desserts,
Raglin Castle - Wales,
Gretna Green Scotland
The Tattoo Bands

Sunday, July 29 - Tuesday, July 31

Page 18


Christine handed us over to Steve and Linda in Bristol on Sunday, July 29, after we all had drinks together.

We slept that night in Ross-on-Wye, England.  The next morning we drove to/through Wales.

"What shall we have for starters?"
Steve and his phone! 
"What is the score?"


Eagerly anticipating!


Well worth the wait!


We were driving along through Wales, Linda and I eating snacks in the back seat, and all of a sudden there was this castle.  I said "STOP!  I want to see that castle!"  We turned off the highway and went to Raglin Castle.  It was totally AWESOME!!!  I'll scan more pictures later and add some history . . . sometime . . .


I found this picture to use till I scan some of my own 35mm shots.

Ragolin Castle "bathroom"?



Down an ancient well, but that isn't ancient trash!

Linda, Steve, do you remember where we were
for scones and tea?  I had hot chocolate myself.

We're definitely in Wales here!  I can just tell!

Our driver

Lenny's plant right outside of Steve
and Linda's house in Manchester!

The Airley house


My vantage point for the week

In the Blacksmiths Shop, Gretna Green, Scotland


The honeymoon suite in the Blacksmiths Shop

The "wedding" we were witness to . . . Awww, how sweet it was!

The surprised and happy couple

Shots of all sides of the Blacksmiths Shop







I messed up and tried to fix this shot, sorry . . .

Jann and Tony

On the road again . . .


It was a long beautiful drive to Edinburgh.  And we were there on July 31, Linda's birthday!  Cool birthday, huh Linda! 


The Filling Station . . . for Linda's birthday.
(Sorry, no digital pictures of Linda.)

but the place was fun, and good food too!

It seemed like HUNDREDS of musicians arriving to rehearse for the annual Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle.  We didn't know about it till it was too late to get tickets, but we did hear them rehearsing as we walked down below the castle, and it was WONDERFUL!  Oh, the bagpipes!




Don't know what this was all about,
but I thought it was "picture worthy".

Rosalie, Elesa, Sandy and Barbara, here's a shot for you!


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