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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

A Stop on the Way

Friday, July 26, 2002

Lenny and I left Rochester very early in the morning on Friday, July 26 headed for La Porte, Indiana.  Around halfway there, we stopped in Cleveland, Ohio for a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  It was very cool seeing memorabilia from EVERY rock and roller you can imagine (and some you can't).  For me, the ultimate was the top three floors of the museum's pyramid which held an exhibit of John Lennon's (and some of the other Beatle's)  photos, artwork, personal items (glasses, jackets, guitars, etc.) and some of John's song lyrics written on paper by John himself!  It was sooo cooool!!!!!

It was POURING when Annette brought
us to the airport for out rental car!



But most of the time the driving conditions were good and dry.

No photographs can be taken in the museum, except for in the lobby on the ground floor.  In the lobby and outside was an exhibit of giant guitars designed and painted by different artists so I made the most of my digital camera!  The guitar exhibit was similar to the "Cows on Parade" and the painted horses that were all over, including Rochester (see my Horses of Rochester page).


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Lenny

It was hot, gray and muggy in Cleveland this day!







There were several of these cars hanging
from the ceiling high above the lobby.

One of the guitars was painted by Keith Richards, but I don't remember which it was . . . duh!
The blue guitar above was done by Yoko Ono who lent the museum the Lennon exhibit.

Lenny shelling out for our
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame souvenirs.

Then we were back on the road to La Porte, Indiana!

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